CMS Reviews Integrity Audits to Cut Provider Burden

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  • July 26, 2012
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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is looking at Medicaid and Medicare program integrity audits to see how burdensome the audits are for providers. By year’s end, using a two-phase approach, CMS is hoping to have recommendations to decrease burden, according to
CMS said the work is divided into a two-phased “audit of audits” that hopefully will spark program integrity policy reform for next year, the daily online newsletter service reports.

  • Phase 1 – a diagnostic, completed at the beginning of 2012, of the burdens CMS audits place on providers and their impact on varying provider types.
  • Phase 2 – focuses on generating change recommendations.

The American Medical Association (AMA) recommended in a program integrity white paper that the Senate Finance Committee address “the inefficiency of audit programs.” With strong support of CMS’ decision, the AMA said it “is pleased CMS followed its recommendations.”
Source:, Michelle L. Stein, “CMS Audits Medicaid, Medicare Program Integrity Audit Efforts In Bid To Reduce Burdens On Providers,” July 20, 2012

No Responses to “CMS Reviews Integrity Audits to Cut Provider Burden”

  1. Jeri' says:

    Who is paying for this? our Federal Tax Dollars?

  2. Really says:

    Really hope something is figured out. Providers cannot keep up with the audit demands anymore. Enough with the “fraud and abuse” tagline. These audits are all about taking back money, holding off payments and creating more government jobs!

  3. Michele K. Pruss RN CPC-A says:

    Is this referring to the CMS audits that are contracted with companies like HMS? This is not referring to the State Program Intergrity Unit audits.

  4. Dee says:

    Sorry such a late comment, but 100% should they back off of the demanding audits from our professional doctors, but it is also taking time away from their patient esecially in small or individual setting.