Medical Office Today: Tools to Help Your Patients Understand Their Insurance

We’ve all been medical patients and sometimes deciphering through the insurance jargon is a pretty daunting task. AAPC member, Ellen Risotti, CPC, CPMA, CPC-I, CEMC, CFPC was recently highlighted in an article on the subject for Medical Office Today.

“[U]nderstanding the difference between preventive services and diagnostic services tends to be the most challenging for patients,” she states in the article. “A great example is the patient who has hyperlipidemia,” she says. “Typically a physician will order a lipid panel to screen for hyperlipidemia as a preventive service. However, once a patient is diagnosed with this condition, the lipid panel is no longer a screening or preventive. It is now diagnostic to determine how the patient is managing the problem.”

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The full article is available for premium subscribers, but you can read a preview of the piece here.

2 Responses to “Medical Office Today: Tools to Help Your Patients Understand Their Insurance”

  1. Rockers says:

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  2. Catherine Foster says:

    What is the point of putting this topic and ‘link’ in AAPC News and Updates? It’s like saying to us, “Gee, there are tools you can use to help your patients understand their insurance, but we’re not going to let you know what they are.”
    Really, thanks for wasting my time!

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