2013 Hospice Care Payment Rates

Payment rates for hospice care, the hospice aggregate cap amount, and the hospice wage index are updated annually. The 2013 payment rates equal the 2012 payment rates plus 1.6 percentage points. The new rates are effective for care and services from Oct. 1, 2012 through Sept. 30, 2013.




Wage Component Subject to Index

Non-weighted Amount


Routine home care





Continuous home care

Full rate = 24 hours of care

$37.32= hourly rate





Inpatient respite care





General inpatient care




The latest hospice cap amount for the cap year ending Oct. 31, 2012 is $25,377.01. The medical care expenditure category of the March 2012 Consumer Price Index for all urban consumers was used to compute the cap (411.498). This index is published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Find out more at:

Medicare Benefit Policy Manual, chapter 9, “Coverage of Hospice Services Under Hospital Insurance,” section 90

Medicare Claims Processing Manual, chapter 11, “Processing Hospice Claims,” section 30.2

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