2009 Specialty Credentials

We’ve learned a lot in the year we’ve offered specialized certification. For 2009, we will be implementing a number of improvements to what will be 18 specialty credentials, allowing health care professionals to demonstrate superior levels of expertise in selected disciplines.

Specialty Credential*
Distance Learning
2009 Exam
Anesthesia CANC January 1 January 1
Cardiology CCC January 1 January 1
E/M Auditor CEMC January 1 January 1
Family Practice CFPC January 1 January 1
General Surgery

CGSC January 1 January 1
Obstetrics/Gynecology COBGC January 1 January 1
COSC January 1 January 1
Ambulatory Surgical Center

CASCC January 20 January 20
Cardiovascular and Thoracic CCVTC January 20 January 20
CPCD January 20 January 20
Emergency Department CEDC January 20 January 20
Internal Medicine CIMC January 20 January 20
Otolaryngology CENTC January 20 January 20
Pediatrics CPEDC January 20 January 20
Gastroenterology CGIC February 15 February 15
Plastic and Reconstructive CPRC February 15 February 15
Rheumatology CRHC February 15 February 15
Urology CUC February 15 February 15
* Please note the credential name change for 2009

Changes for 2009:

  1. Specialty credentials will be stand-alone certifications with no requirement to hold a CPC®, CPC-H® or CPC-P® credential (please note the name change for credentials listed in the table above).
  2. Exams will more aptly measure preparedness for “real world” coding by being operative/patient-note based.
  3. Exams will be 5 1/2 hours in length.
  4. Exam preparation will be available through online operative/patient-note based distance learning.

Note: Existing specialty certified members will be grandfathered and receive an updated certificate in January 2009.

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