Filed on Time? Prove it!

Wondering what you should do if you receive a claim denial due to untimely filing that you believe to be unjust? Request a reconsideration. UnitedHealthcare offers advice on what you should submit as evidence of timely filing.

For electronic claims, include confirmation that UnitedHealthcare or an affiliate received and accepted your claim. Effective Dec. 1, proof of timely filing from an electronic claim submission must include confirmation that UnitedHealthcare accepted the claim. The submission report will no longer be accepted as proof of timely filing.

For paper claims, include a copy of a screen print from your accounting software to show the submission date. The information must show that the claim is for the correct patient and visit. Also include other pertinent information, such as an insurance carrier denial/rejection, explanation of benefits (EOB), a letter indicating terminated coverage, etc.

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  1. Melanie says:

    I think this is absolutly rediculous. I have had a handful of claims sent at 90 days, all of which UnitedHealthCare has denied as timely filing. Further, they are using the delay in THEIR system to deny my claims. How is this fair to providers? What do we do when their system rejects our claims? Our office works VERY hard to get everything in to the insurance. From time to time we submit within 1-2 days of the deadline. What justifies this? How do I fight this when they can reject a claim or just not accept the claim, making it timely in THEIR system even though I sent it?

  2. Jean Meadows says:

    I am having a problem with a new physician for whom I am billing. He had a billing service that did not file claims timely – thus we are receiving denials due to untimely filing. Do I have a recourse?