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Xerox: Patients Worried About Records Going Digital

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  • September 18, 2012
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Your practice may be growing more confident while implementing an electronic health record (EHR) system, but your patients apparently are growing less confident, a recent Xerox survey reports. Only 26 percent of Americans surveyed in Xerox’s third annual EHR online survey want their records digitized.
According to the survey, just 40 percent of respondents believe digital records will result in better, more efficient care. That response fell two percent from last year’s survey, and matches the response reported in 2010. Overall, 85 percent of 2,100 respondents this year expressed negative concerns about digital medical records.
Half of respondents worry their files could be lost or damaged. Sixty three percent of participants in the survey are worried that their information will be stolen by a hacker. More than half (51 percent) fear information can be misused. Another half fret a computer problem or power outage could prevent their doctors from accessing their records. Only 31 percent of respondents feel adequately informed about how and when records are used.
Four out of six people surveyed think digital records will mean better care, and 21 percent expect the quality of the service received will improve. Only 14 percent feel their health care providers are technically savvy enough to use EHRs.

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