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CPT 2013 Errata Posted by AMA

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  • September 28, 2012
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CPT® 2013 codebooks are already shipping out of warehouses, and the American Medical Association (AMA) has moved quickly to post its annual corrections document. The corrections document is a vital part of coding CPT® correctly for the coming year. It includes code and guideline updates that were approved too late to be included in the book, additional clarifications, and simple corrections to typographical errors. New material is added to the document throughout the year.
Changes so far include clarifying edits in guidelines and parenthetical comments, with two changes directly affecting coding. Under codes 20930-20937 is the addition of codes 22633-22634 in place of codes 0195T-0196T, with which they can be reported in conjunction. And new rules for endoscopy of the trachea and bronchi above code 31615 are “For endoscopy procedures, code appropriate endoscopy of each anatomic site examined. Surgical bronchoscopy always includes diagnostic bronchoscopy when performed by the same physician. Codes 31622-31651, 31660, 31661 include fluoroscopic guidance when performed.”

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