Cancelling or Changing Exam Dates

If you’re certified you probably remember experiencing angst when it came to taking your exam. Many of you are on the other side of this now as the proctors of the exams. Please help us alleviate stress for examinees by refraining from cancelling exams or changing exam dates. Many examinees plan well in advance and sign up early for convenient dates. A simple date change to an officer can have a negative trickle-down effect on an examinee. To avoid frustration, we ask you to make all officers and proctors aware of upcoming exam dates before they are submitted to AAPC and check AAPC’s website as soon as dates have been scheduled. Frequently officers don’t realize they’ve scheduled close to a holiday, someone’s birthday, or on a weekday. The important thing to remember is that once scheduled, dates are difficult to change. As always, thank you all for the time you spend accommodating the thousands of examinees. We love our proctors!

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6 Responses to “Cancelling or Changing Exam Dates”

  1. swapna says:

    how to reschedule the exam

  2. Jincyjoseph says:

    How to reschedule the exam

  3. Deborah R Dale says:

    How do I cancel current exam Dale?

  4. Deborah R Dale says:

    Current exam date

  5. phyllis Reynolds says:

    How do I reschedule my March test for May in Florida, Cape Coral

  6. Revathy Renjith says:

    How to reschedule the exam date?

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