Last-Minute Meeting Ideas

A chapter officer’s biggest nightmare is a last-minute speaker cancellation as this means a potential meeting cancellation. Hopefully, this won’t ever happen to you; but in the interest of being prepared, it’s good to have some ideas in mind. The CEU Vendor Team suggests you keep one of the following suggestions ready to go in such a case:

  • Keep a file of interesting/difficult redacted op notes in particular specialties to use for coding round table discussions. Having a discussion focused on one specialty allows attendees to gain in-depth knowledge in that specialty.
  • Hold a Q&A session asking attendees to share coding issues/concerns they are seeing in their positions. Break the ice by throwing out an example you have personally encountered.
  • Encourage each officer to take time to develop a presentation that could be presented “on the fly”. Stockpile the presentations; they can be basic and brief.
  • If the cancelling presenter cannot reschedule, have him or her record the presentation and play it back at a future meeting.

When you have a cancellation, call the Vendor Team (800-626-2633 option 9, then option 2) and explain what you plan to do instead. If it is after hours, call 800-626-2633, ext. 115, and leave a message. Someone will return your call.

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