Preparing for Upcoming Elections – Holding Nominations

It’s time to prepare for upcoming officer elections; hopefully, you’ve already taken note of those members who would make good officers. Follow these steps to have a successful nomination process:

  • Hold nominations at your September meeting.
    • When looking for candidates, remember that members who are friendly, work well with others, solve problems, and think independently make great leaders.
    • Approach any pre-selected members to ensure they are OK being nominated.
    • Allow current officers 2-3 minutes to share their job responsibilities and positive experiences.
  • Announce at your September meeting that elections will be held in October.
    • All members must be given at least 30 days’ notice of when the elections will be held.
      • Advance notice may be given by posting the information in the chapter forum or by emailing all members assigned to the chapter.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions:
    • Members may self-nominate
    • Nominees must accept the nomination
    • Multiple members may not share one position
    • One member may not hold two offices at the same time except for the position of secretary/treasurer
    • Vice presidents do not ascend to the president position
    • Officers should not serve more than two consecutive years in the same office
    • Officers should not run after serving for four consecutive years
  • Hold elections at your October meeting.
  • The vice president directs the election process.

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  1. Nancy Berlad says:

    Where can we find ballots for the election?

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