Election Time is Here

Next week is October and time to start electing officers for next year. Remember:

  • Candidates for an office must currently be active in the chapter and aware they are committing to be present at each meeting during the term of service.
    • Those who cannot commit to this should not run for an office.
  • Candidates must be willing to work for the good of the chapter.
    • They should be happy, professional, and great team players (negativity brings everybody down).
  • Candidates are elected for one-year terms.
  • Elections should be held for all offices.
    • Current officers may be nominated to the same position but after two consecutive years in the same office, the officer must run for a different office or step down.
    • After four consecutive years in office, the officer must step down.
    • The president must be voted in; vice presidents do not automatically become president.
      • However, if during the president’s term, he or she must resign, the vice president would move to president at that point.
  • Voting must be private – no using a “show of hands” or verbal voting.
    • Where only one candidate is nominated to a position, the members should be given the option to vote “yes” or “no” for the candidate.
  • If you are having a hard time finding candidates, a minimum of three officers (president, vice president, and a secretary/treasurer) is acceptable.

After elections have been held and new officers are identified, submit the information in the Election Verification area.
Important Note: The earliest you can submit 2013 officer information is October 1. Anything submitted prior to October 1 has not been saved and will not be saved.

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