Financial Information

3rd Quarter Reimbursements
Online deposits for meeting attendance and exams proctored during the third quarter of 2012 will be made November 15th.
Money in Account at End of Year
Many officers wonder what to do with excess funds at the end of the year. Local chapter money should be spent on the members. Money hoarded in a bank account does nothing to help chapter members.

  • Purchase door prizes
  • Create incentives for members to increase interest in serving as officers
  • Purchase meeting tools such as a laptop, projector, or camera
  • Donate to the AAPCCA Hardship Scholarship fund

Reimbursement for Members Attending Meetings
Members are asked to provide their member ID numbers on the chapter meeting sign-in sheets, but occasionally members will forget to bring their cards. Please make reasonable efforts to get the number, either by checking prior sign-in sheets from earlier in the year or contacting them by phone or email. If you are unable to obtain a member ID number, but you are certain that he or she is an AAPC member assigned to your chapter, please make a note of that next to the name on the sign-in sheet and we will still give you credit for the attendance.

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