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Now is the Time to Apply for Service on a National Board

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  • November 27, 2012
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AAPCCA Board of Directors
If you’ve ever wanted to serve on the national level, go online now and complete the application to serve on the Board of Directors of the AAPC Chapter Association. New board members serve for three consecutive years and are chosen from current and previous chapter officers. This is a wonderful opportunity to serve as well as become acquainted with members all over the country. If you have questions about serving and would like to speak with someone with firsthand experience, feel free to contact your regional representative.
2013-2015 AAPC National Advisory Board
Applications are also being accepted for service on the 2013-2015 National Advisory Board (NAB). The role of the National Advisory Board (NAB) is to advise AAPC leadership on health care issues, trends, and member needs and enthusiastically promote and support the organization. The NAB includes 20 members representing eight geographical regions of the U.S. including four officers elected by the NAB.

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