As 2012 Winds Down, Remember…

2012 profit and loss information is due
Each local chapter owes a financial report to AAPC by January 15. These reports are used to create the AAPCCA’s profit and loss statement, which is submitted for tax purposes. Treasurers, it is your responsibility to report this information online (any time after December 15). Simply log in with your username and password and click on My AAPC, My Chapter, then Overview. In the left navigation click on Financial Info and then the View All P&Ls tab. At that point you can click on Add/Edit 2012 P&L to add the information. Report the balance as it appears in your checking account as of December 31, even if the checks or deposits haven’t cleared. Include donations to Project AAPC and the Hardship Scholarship Fund, both received and made. Online deposits from AAPC auto populate into the online statement. Check for accuracy by ensuring the “Checkbook register balance as of 12-31-2012” balance is the same as appears in your chapter checkbook. Please call the Local Chapter team if you have any questions with this process.
Excess funds should be spent on the members
Many chapter officers wonder if chapter funds must all be spent at the end of the year. Others wonder if excess money in the account is to be sent to AAPC. In both cases, the answer is no. However, there is no need for chapter checking accounts to contain large sums of money since money just sitting in a checking account does not benefit members. Unless your chapter has an event coming up at the beginning of the year, or another event for which the funds are earmarked, we encourage you to be creative and use the money for the good of the members. Remember that any chapters with large increases of money over last year may be liable for tax obligations.
Your chapter could be the 2012 Chapter of the Year
2012 officers should take stock of the activities of the chapter throughout the past year. Each year at National Conference, AAPC awards one of its outstanding chapters the honor of “Chapter of the Year.” If you feel your chapter has gone above and beyond in providing education, offering exams, and facilitating networking, you may be in the running. Start now to list what makes your chapter stand out from the rest and let us know. Submit the information to
You and your fellow officers may be eligible for $300 off AAPC’s upcoming conference in Orlando
If you thought Vegas was fun, wait ‘till we get to Orlando; this will be the “happiest conference on earth.” And if your chapter qualifies for the discount, you may be the happiest officer on earth. Officers from chapters that have hosted at least four exams and six meetings where CEUs were offered are eligible. If you register by January 23 you will save an additional $100.

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