2012 Officers: End the Year by Completing All Responsibilities

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  • December 26, 2012
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Review the Funds in the Chapter Checking Account
Remember, large sums of money sitting in a checking account do not benefit members. Any funds needed for events coming up in the new year may be kept in the checking account and the remaining funds should be spent on the members. Funds may also be donated to the AAPCCA Hardship Scholarship or Project AAPC.
2012 Profit and Loss Information is Due
2012 treasurers should log in and complete the online form by January 15th. You should report information as it is recorded in the chapter checking account. Do not worry about confirming whether or not checks or deposits have cleared. Balances at the end of 2012 will populate as the beginning balance in 2013 so ensure the information is reported correctly. Call the local chapter team with any concerns or questions.
Work towards Being 2012 Chapter of the Year
Before you step down, make a list of everything you’ve done to make your chapter exceptional. If you feel it’s notable, send the list to the local chapter team. We are looking for officers that have gone above and beyond and often times it’s the little things that count.
Share the Newsletter Template with the 2013 Officers
Thanks again to Freda Brinson, former AAPCCA Board of Directors member, for supplying a newsletter template that can be personalized each month for use in your own local chapter.

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