2013 Officers, Start the New Year Right

Welcome to those of you who have volunteered to head up your local chapter this year. As the heart and soul of AAPC, the localchapters are crucial in member education, certification and networking. Well-trained officers are crucial to AAPC’s success so we offer the following to help you get started:
Get your Meetings Approved for Specialty CEUs
Members with specialty credentials are required to earn pre-approved, specialty-specific CEUs which can sometimes be hard to come by if budget constraints are an issue. You can boost attendance at your chapter meetings by getting your events approved for specialty credentials, CPMA or CPCO CEUs and in turn will help chapter members that hold that specialty. Chapter meetings can be approved for specialty CEUs if certain criteria are met, to qualify:

  • Meeting content must be intermediate or advanced and the meeting must be offered by a credentialed speaker (AAPC or other applicable health care credential).
  • Sufficient information must be provided with your request to support assigning specialty CEUs.
    • This information should be entered in the detailed goals portion of the application (you could just attach the actual presentation).

Note: Simply because the presenter holds the requested credential or that credential is common among the chapter does not automatically mean that approval will be given.
Officers submit these requests in the same manner other CEUs are requested, and will receive notification when approved. If an event is approved for specialty CEUs, they are automatically approved for CPC, CPC-H, and CPC-P CEUs, as well.
We encourage you to offer specialty CEUs at meetings; this is a great way to serve your members!
Understand the CEU Approval Process
All chapter meetings will be reviewed for CEU approval once the officers have submitted adequate information online. Adhering to the following important aspects of CEU approval will make your process smoother and quicker:

  • It is recommended that requests be made 30 days in advance to allow plenty of time for the approval process, however, all requests submitted before the meeting or event will still be reviewed.
    • Requests made less than two weeks before the date risk not receiving approval prior to the event (meaning CEU certificates cannot be handed out at the meeting.)
    • Requests are processed in the order they are received.
    • Requests for CEUs must be made online and are usually approved within two business days. Incomplete requests take longer.
  • CEUs will be granted based on pertinent information and length of presentation.
    • CEUs are given for technical medical coding information (Core A) as well as general business skills related to the health care field (Core B).
    • If the AAPC CEU team deems the request is not CEU worthy, the person making the request will be notified by email.
    • Requested CEUs for ICD-10 presentations must include an outline of the presentation (must be an original presentation).
  • CEU catalogue numbers will be emailed to the officer making the request and will also be posted in the officer area under Index/Catalogue Numbers.
  • Officers may make edits to events that have previously been approved. Edits must be made online by clicking on the event then “edit event”.
    • All edits will go through the approval process again except for edits to RSVP fields, event locations, and event notifications.

For specifics on the approval process of CEUs for chapters, refer to Local Chapter CEU Guidelines 2013.

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