For the Record: Ask the Expert

Barbara J. Cobuzzi, CPC, CPC-H, CPC-P, CPC-I, CENTC, CHCC, was recently published by For the Record for her excellent answer to a question regarding allergy testing and physician supervision. She noted that “allergy testing supervision is based on diagnostic testing supervision guidelines, not incident-to guidelines.”
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  1. Jordyn Morris says:

    I just took over billing for Physical Therapy. It seems for the PT office, M/C doesn’t like to pay for 97032 when we bill it with 97140, 97035, & G0283. I believe it is butting with the 97140.. But do you know if I need to be adding a modifier to the 97032 to get M/C to pay?

  2. Jordyn Morris says:

    I just took over billing for a Chiro office and some ins companies are not wanting to pay the 97140 when it is billed with 98940/98941.. I add modifier 59 but some still do not want to pay. I have read many things stating it is allowed to be billed together and many things saying it is not payable together within the visit. The Chiro is performing these codes to separate areas and that is shown with the separate dx that are attached to each code but it still is a hit and miss whether it is paid or not and the Chiro is positive they both should be paid…. Help!

  3. dblackmer says:

    Be sure to share these thoughts in the member forum. You might get a faster and more thorough response.