What All Officers Need to Know

A list of your chapter members is provided online
Log in with your username and password, scroll over My AAPC and click on My Chapter. Find the link on the left that says Officers/Members and click on Chapter Members. You can download your list to an Excel spreadsheet.
Specialty CEUs may be offered at chapter meetings
When requesting CEUs for a chapter meeting, you may also request specialty CEU approval at the same time as long as the education qualifies. It would be wise to be aware of the specialty credentials held by your local members and then plan meetings around those topics. Offering the needed specialty CEUs may help build chapter attendance.
Chapter minutes are to be uploaded online
Each time a meeting is held, officers are required to submit the minutes to AAPC by uploading them in the Index/Catalog Number area of the Local Chapter Events web page.
AAPC has provided a CPC Review Tool online
Available for officers only, this tool can be used to offer a review class for those members looking to become CPC certified. The tool which is a PowerPoint presentation is designed to be used in conjunction with the CPC study guide. A separate handout is also available.
Chapters can purchase study guides (and other products) at a discounted price
For your local chapter review classes, consider purchasing study guides for the attendees at $5 off the normal member price! When attendees pass the exam you can purchase credential pins also at a discounted price. Check out the products that are only available through local chapters.
Proctors must be experienced
Chapter officers carry the great responsibility of ensuring AAPC’s certification examinations are proctored accurately. The first proctor should always be a current officer and an experienced proctor and mentor the second proctor. To provide inexperienced officers with proctoring experience, suggest they join you at an exam so they will be prepared when they are needed.
AAPC updates the proctor instructions often
Even experienced proctors should always read the proctor instructions sent with the exams. AAPC makes changes in processes often to better serve the members, and proctors must be aware of updates each time.
AAPC reimburses chapters for proctoring exams and holding CEU-approved meetings
Chapter officers must make AAPC aware of their meeting attendance in order for AAPC to make the quarterly online deposits. Reimbursement requests for meetings held are due 15 days after the end of each quarter (January 15, April 15, July 15, and October 15). Online deposits are made on the 15th of the following month (February 15, May 15, August 15, and November 15).
Chapters shouldn’t charge dues
AAPC members already pay national dues so chapters should not charge local dues. However, it is permissible to charge for meeting expenses. Chapters desiring to make money may hold seminars.
Your local chapter has its own logo
If you do not have a copy of the new logo, please email us at localchapters@aapc.com.
AAPCCA provides a template for a chapter newsletter
Although not mandatory, this is a super idea for sharing information with your chapter members. Freda Brinson, former member of the AAPCCA Board of Directors writes the newsletter each month; all you have to do is add your unique information and you’ve got a newsletter customized to your specific members.
There’s an officer forum just for chapter officers
That’s where you can network with officers from across the country. Why reinvent the wheel when you can ask the experts to share ideas? Find the forum by logging in with your username and password, scrolling over Networking and clicking on Forums Homepage.
Chapter officers can qualify for a discount to AAPC’s national conference
Those officers from chapters that have held at least 6 meetings where CEUs are offered, sponsored at least 4 exams, and have fulfilled the duties and responsibilities of their positions are eligible for the $300 discount off national conference. 2012 officers receive the discount off registration for the upcoming national conference April 14-17, in Orlando and 2013 officers receive the discount off registration for the Nashville conference in 2014.
You’ll receive this email every month from the Local Chapter Team
Make sure your contact information is current so you won’t miss the email full of timely information and tips for leading your chapter. All officers receive it, be sure to share the pertinent contents at your chapter meeting.

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