Debate Over Drug Lawsuits Continues

Should individuals be allowed to sue pharmaceutical manufacturers when adverse reactions not clearly identified on drug labels occur? A recent court case has brought that question up for debate again.
The White House and the FDA general counsel say no. Drug regulators and advocacy group leaders say yes. David G. Savage reports on this Oct. 30 story for the Los Angeles Times.

No Responses to “Debate Over Drug Lawsuits Continues”

  1. Shannon Patrick says:

    I’ve been a Pharmacy Technician for 11 years. I most definately think Pharmaceutical Manuf. should be sued. I’ve seen horrific things. Sometimes the FDA releases new drugs too soon. I’ve seen people die. I recently got a drug recall from a manuf. because the plant in India was cross contaminating drugs because they were not properly cleaning the equipment. Two years ago when the FDA was over there they gave them a citation for that.
    Would someone please tell me how can the FDA regulate what’s being made in other countries?
    Our country tells us “Don’t get your meds from Canada or Mexico, they are not FDA approved”
    It should be mandated that these drugs be made on our soil. Yes it will be more expensive, but it could be off-set if Pharmaceutical companies were only allowed to spend 15% of their revenues on advertising. Just like they do in Germany and other countries.
    It’s wrong when a patient goes into the doctor and tells the doctor they saw a commercial and they want that drug. Whose the doctor? Isn’t that the doctors job to prescibe what he thinks is best for the patient.

  2. Rita Johnson says:

    It is my belief that the drug manufactures must be held accountable for their products. These medications should be tested and all adverse reactions published and if a new adverse reaction is found it should be published immediately. If the drug manufacturer is not held responsible then what incentive do they have in making sure that the medical professionals as well as the public at large know of any potential problems? It seems to me that in the past five to ten years there have been many new drugs put on the market only to be removed within a year or so only after several people have died. There has got to be some kind of a safety net for the consumer. There should be a limit of some sort put on what is awarded to the individuals though or the price of medications will continue to go up.