AAPC's Local Chapter Team is Going Paperless…Watch for this March 1st

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  • February 27, 2013
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We are joining millions of Americans and working to be paperless. Our goal is to simplify processes for chapter officers and save trees at the same time! The information that has been submitted on paper on the Local Chapter Quarterly Meeting/Financial Report form (which includes the processes of:1) submitting sign-in sheets to AAPC for reimbursement for meetings held, 2) reporting quarterly financial information to AAPC, and 3) reporting honorariums paid to speakers) will soon be input on AAPC’s website under the Financial Info tab. You will simply log on to AAPC’s website with your username and password, scroll over My AAPC, click on My Chapter, and then click on the Financial Info link in the left navigation area. You’ll see four tabs; Issued Checks, View All P&Ls, Quarterly Report and Honorarium.
Submitting Sign-in Sheets for Reimbursement for Meetings Held
Treasurers, this is a new procedure for you. From now on, at the end of each quarter, instead of faxing, mailing, or emailing sign-in sheets to AAPC, you should scan the Local Chapter Meeting Attendance Sign-in Sheets and save them as a Word document. Then go to the Financial Info link and click on Quarterly Reports. First you’ll enter in the number of attendees at the chapter meetings. Begin by selecting the year and quarter for which you’re submitting. Find the meeting date(s) listed and add the number of attendees. Then upload your sign-in sheets by clicking on Choose File where you’ll see the previously saved sign-in sheets listed in your documents. Click upload and your sign-in sheets will be saved there. You can refer back to the file in the future, if necessary. The system will show you the amount of the expected reimbursement.
Reporting Quarterly Financial Information to AAPC
Chapter treasurers are now required to submit information on the chapter’s financial status to AAPC on a quarterly basis. Read about this in the 2013 Local Chapter Handbook on page 17, bullet 6.3.1. Reporting financial information quarterly will help keep treasurers and presidents in communication about financial matters and will make reporting of the chapter’s profit and loss information easier at the end of the year. In the Quarterly Report tab scroll down to Quarterly Bank Account Summary information. Input the amount of money the chapter earned during the specific quarter as well as the amount of expenses incurred during the same quarter. The beginning checkbook balance will auto-populate and the ending checkbook balance and net income for the quarter fields will auto-calculate. Do not input the information until after the end of each quarter.
Reporting Honorariums Paid to Speakers
Treasurers should report any honorariums paid to speakers during each quarter. Do this online by clicking on the Financial Info tab and then the Honorarium tab. Begin by selecting a year and then choosing the meetings where speakers were paid. Once the names are added, the contact information fields will auto populate unless the information is not on file with AAPC. In that case, please provide contact information for the speakers.
Meeting Minutes
The process of submitting meeting minutes has already been automated and last month we reminded you that each time a meeting is held, officers are required to submit the minutes to the Local Chapter team by uploading them in the Index/Catalog Number area of the Local Chapter Events web page. We received input requesting us to make further clarification. Although the minutes are uploaded to the website, at this time they are not available for officers or members to refer to online, however, we are working to make them available. Currently officers must make them available to members either at the meetings, by email, or on the chapter forum, etc.

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