Officer Training – Earn 2.0 CEUs

Well-trained officers are crucial to the success of AAPC’s local chapters and a new year brings a new set of officers who are anxious and ready to lead. It is our desire to assist the present officers in accomplishing their goals by providing the tools they need to be great leaders. In order to do this we have enlisted the help of the AAPCCA Board of Directors who have designed a new officer training webinar worth 2.0 CEUs. The webinar will be available for a limited time in March so we encourage you to register as soon as you receive the invitation. To participate you must be at your computer and have access to speakers or headphones. If these are not available you may call into a long distance phone line (not toll free). Officers may type in questions and receive answers during the webinar. A 20-question quiz follows the webinar. All 2013 officers should participate whether they’ve served as an officer previously or not. Watch for details about upcoming dates and the registration process that will come in a separate email.

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  1. Frank Spencer, BSPH, CPC says:

    I found the new officer training very helpful especially with some of the new requirements of the treasurer for 2013. I appreciate all of the help that the national office has given me over the past couple of years. I have tried to encourage others from my chapter to become an officer. I have found it a very rewarding experience each time that I have stepped up.
    Thank you again.

  2. Karen Gilmore says:

    I appreciate the tour being that I am a new officer.

  3. Brenda Lewing, LPN,CPC,CPMA says:

    Thanks for the training and CEU’s. I sincerely appreciate the support we receive. Our Natchitoches Chapter is up and running, and we are proud to be a part of AAPC.

  4. Sherill Acevedo says:

    Very helpful!! Thanks for the training it would be much easier now in the transition and training of new officers.

  5. Lynn Wilks says:

    Very informative. Thanks for providing this training I found it very useful since this is my first experience as president of our Local Chapter.

  6. Brandy Oliver, CPC-A says:

    Being a new officer in my chapter, this extra training provided me with more in-depth information to use along with the AAPC handbook. Thanks.

  7. Amy Kinion, CPC says:

    Thank you for the officer training! It has really helped me with navigating the My Chapter portion!

  8. Cheryl Henry says:

    I guess I missed this. This was my birthday week. Are there anymore offered?

  9. Ashley Mamas CPC says:

    I learned a lot watching a step by step presentation rather than searching for items on my own!

  10. dblackmer says:

    Cheryl – It’s still being offered through the end of March. There was a separate email sent out about it but in case you didn’t get that, here is the link.

  11. Robyn Margani says:

    I am a new officer but I did not receive an email about this. Is there still a way to participate prior to the end of the month? I do see that I can access the powerpoint but I would really prefer to do the webinar.

  12. dblackmer says:

    Robyn – I’m sorry, it’s just available as the PowerPoint now (with the link for the quiz to get CEUs).

  13. Tamhra Willis, CPC says:

    The Officer Training was so helpful and inspiring. Loved the step by step visual aid and great information. I was excited to take on this opportunity but now I am anxious to engage my group and bring forth new experiences and hopefully new members.
    Thanks so much for giving new officers a wonderful opportunity in learning for the benefit of our Chapter!!!

  14. Glenda Hamilton says:

    This is a fantastic idea to have online teaching for a mentoring process for people who are interested but not sure what it “Really” is all about.