6th Annual May MAYnia Coming up Soon — Spring to Your Local Chapter!

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  • March 26, 2013
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We hope your May MAYnia plans are well underway by now, but if you haven’t started, it’s not too late to begin planning. Start by sharing all that your local chapter offers with medical professionals in your area. Schedule a meeting now to be part of the nationwide emphasis on educational and networking benefits during May MAYnia. As you’re planning the event, remember:

  • There are tips online for officers to help plan and market your May meeting.
    • AAPC has resources available for your chapter meeting ideas if you’re still in need.
  • Encourage your members to invite fellow employees and anyone with an interest in health care. Use this flyer to get the word out.
  • We’re having a contest so we can honor the chapters that have the highest attendance.
    • For chapters holding meetings, the nine chapters with the highest average attendance of AAPC members will win.
      • Because we have small and large chapters, we’ll leveling the playing field by comparing chapters with like numbers of members. The average is based upon the number of AAPC members that attended chapter meetings held during the first part of 2013.
    • For chapters holding seminars, the chapter with the most guests (non-AAPC members) will win.
    • Contest winners are determined by meeting sign-in sheets.
      • Sign-in sheets must be received by AAPC by June 3rd in order to be eligible for the contest.
      • Note: reimbursements will not be given for seminars but sign-in sheets must be submitted to participate.
  • The chapter with the most guests (non-AAPC members) at a meeting will win the grand prize!
  • Winners will be determined in June and prizes will be mailed to the winning chapters afterwards.
  • AAPC will provide freebies to all chapters with a meeting or seminar scheduled in May.
    • Freebies will be sent to the president beginning in April; schedule your meeting by April 1st to ensure your freebies arrive on time.
    • Presidents, please go to AAPC’s website and check the mailing address you have on file with AAPC. Sorry, freebies sent to the wrong address cannot be re-sent.
    • Check out the new May MAYnia mug and other products online. They are available only through local chapters, and can be used for prizes at your meeting.
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