Important Financial Information

1st Quarter 2013 Reimbursement Requests are Due April 15
All reimbursement requests for meetings held in the first quarter of 2013 are due to AAPC by April 15th. Treasurers, remember there is a new procedure for submitting this information. Log in at go to My AAPC, My Chapter, Financial Information and click on Quarterly Report. After selecting 2013, choose 1st Quarter and add the number of attendees at the meetings. Then upload the previously scanned-in sign-in sheets. If you get lost anywhere along the way, email the local chapter team or call us at 800-626-2633 option 7.
Quarterly Bank Account Summary
Beginning in 2013, each chapter’s revenue and expenses must be reported on a quarterly basis and 1st quarter 2013 information is due April 15. Submit the information in the Quarterly Bank Account Summary. Once submitted, both the president and treasurer must attest to the accuracy of the information. If you are a president or a treasurer and do not have access to bank account information, now is a good time to change that; you are responsible for the chapter finances. Also, make sure your names are on the signature cards at the bank and that you have access to the monthly statements.
April 15 is the Deadline
Any remaining reimbursement requests not yet submitted for meetings held in 2012 must be submitted to AAPC by April 15th in order to receive the reimbursement. After that time, no reimbursement will be given for 2012 meetings. These requests must be emailed or faxed to 801-236-2258. Note: Any 2013 sign-in sheets submitted by fax will not be processed; they must be submitted online.
Tax Time is Fast Approaching
Thanks to all the chapter officers who have submitted their 2012 profit and loss information online. There are a handful of chapters that have not yet complied. Please visit the website and ensure your chapter’s 2012 information is displaying. Those chapters that do not comply will have CEU requests for meetings held going forward.

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