ICD-10 Proficiency Assessment

The assessment will measure your understanding of ICD-10-CM format and structure, groupings and categories of codes, ICD-10-CM official guidelines, and coding concepts. You should prepare yourself as you would for other exams or assessments. To ensure employers continue to have confidence in a certified coder’s ability to accurately code the current code sets, AAPC certified members will have two years to pass an open-book, online, unproctored assessment.
The ICD-10-CM proficiency assessment is required for all AAPC credential holders (excluding CPPM®, CPCO™, and CIRCC®), and you will have 3.5 hours to answer 75 questions on ICD-10-CM only (ICD-10-PCS will not be covered in the assessment).
A mock proficiency assessment will be offered online once AAPC begins ICD-10-CM code set training (September 1st) so that you can practice and become familiar with the assessment prior to taking it if you choose. Please share this information with your chapter members.

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  1. Lisa A Reed says:

    I have Maymania money to apply towards my ICD10 testing. How do i do that?

  2. Marlena Levengood says:

    I have filed a request for some help financially to get proficiency ready for ICD 10. Please help me to get ready

  3. Michelle Cisneros says:

    I’ve paid for my ICD10 assessment but cannot find on the website where I start the assessment. Could someone please send me info on how to get there on the AAPC website?

  4. Chelsea Miller says:

    Please send the link directly for sign up and payment of the ICD 10 proficiency test. We have used every link and none are taking us to the sign up and payment

  5. janet r sexton, cpc says:

    if a person has ADHD & is under treatment by a doctor & taking medication, is there any exceptions for them. time restraints are a problem for me. I take Vyvanse, but get stressed when time limits are put on me.