AAFP News Now: “AAFP Challenges Wisdom of Adopting ICD-10”

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  • October 29, 2008
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The AAFP came out swinging recently against CMS’ proposal for the adoption of the greatly expanded ICD-10 system. AAFP believes that CMS has not done its homework in assessing the impact in the transition. This article looks at the impacts of the proposed rule.
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  1. Ann D. Thomas M.D. says:

    I am a solo, independent practitioner who does my own coding. I have taken the time and effort to learn to code well. One expert states that I code better than his top grads. I struggle with implementing an EMR and an appropriate user friendly e-prescribing program. My office manager struggles with getting re-imbursement for all the Home Health and Hospice codes.
    Due to cost we use an older version of Medisoft.
    I would expect that there are hundreds of small practices across the country that are barely making ends meet now. Your estimated costs do not include one or two doctor practices. I want to stay independent so I can render pro-active and preventive patient centered care. I do not believe in the bottom line mentality.
    Mandating compliance with ICD- 10 in such a short time frame along with declining reimbursements and increasing regulations is going to put a lot of good doctors out of business and increase the growing problem of accessibility to a primary care physician. Socialized medicine is NOT the answer.

  2. Pat Skibbe says:

    From what I understand through CMS, they have the software needed for small practices available for the transition. Most people are not aware of this and should be.