Conference Attendees Showed their Generosity

Project AAPC
As always, AAPC’s members proved they like to help others. The AAPCCA Board of Directors collected $687.42 in donations from conference attendees for Project AAPC, $373.42 for Feeding America and $314 for the Red Cross.
AAPCCA Hardship Scholarship Committee
This year there was a double effort working for the AAPCCA Hardship Scholarship fund; the National Advisory Board and the AAPCCA Board of Directors showed that working together, they can do a lot to benefit their fellow AAPC members. The NAB conducted a silent auction and earned $1,739! With the $710.79 earned by the BOD through attendee donations, they donated $2,449.700 in total to be used by AAPC’s own members. This fund has helped over 80 members struggling with financial hardships, since it was introduced a year ago and it wouldn’t have been able to do so without the support of our fantastic members. Thank you all for your generosity.
We Said Goodbye to Five Members of the AAPCCA Board of Directors
Words can’t express how much we appreciate all the time and talents shared by these capable women, most have served since 2010. Thanks go to Claire Bartkewicz, Risse Snelgrove, Susan Edwards, and Wendy Grant. They have represented their regions well. Special thanks go to Angela Jordan, who has served since 2009 and for the last year as the Chair of the AAPCCA Board of Directors. She has spent countless hours assisting the Local Chapter staff, speaking with and learning from officers who need direction, and being a great supporter of AAPC. We will miss you all!
…and Welcomed Five New Faces to the Board of Directors
There are five new representatives serving these regions:

  • Region 1 – Pamela Brooks
  • Region 2 – Cynthia Colangelo
  • Region 3 – Candice Ruffing
  • Region 4 – Sharon Oliver
  • Region 5 – Faith McNicholas

Check out the May issue of the Cutting Edge to read more about the 2013 AAPCCA Board of Directors.

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