May MAYnia Starts Tomorrow

Now is the time to enjoy the fruits of all your planning labors. To host a successful May MAYnia event, we suggest the following:

  • Watch for the package of freebies AAPC will send to the presidents (of all chapters with meetings scheduled in May). Packages will arrive a few days before the meetings.
  • Meet as officers before the event to review the agenda and plan for the day.
    • Arrive early enough to set a professional environment in the room.
    • Meet with the speaker before the meeting starts to check on any last minute needs or questions.
  • Make the most of your opportunity to introduce AAPC to the community.
    • Greet all attendees at the door. Be sure to get the names of all first-time attendees.
    • Introduce all the officers and acknowledge guests.
    • Discuss the benefits of AAPC membership, specifically emphasizing the educational value as well as the networking at chapter meetings.
    • Inform attendees of upcoming events.
  • In order to qualify for the contest, submit your attendance sign-in sheets (link) by June 3rd.
    • Total the number of AAPC members and non-AAPC guests.
    • Upload attendance sheets online by clicking on Financial Info and Quarterly Report. All sign-in sheets must be uploaded in order to obtain the quarterly reimbursement. Be sure to select 2013 and 2nd quarter.
  • If your chapter hasn’t yet planned a meeting act quickly. It’s best to give members time to plan their schedules.

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