Special Offer for ICD-10 Code Set Training for Local Chapters

AAPC is launching ICD-10 General Code Set Training for Chapters as a comprehensive, yet extremely affordable method for AAPC members (only) to prepare for ICD–10 and AAPC’s Proficiency Assessment. There is a max limit of 50 members for this hands–on learning environment as this is not going to be a seminar.

ICD-10 General Code Set Training (for Local Chapters):

  • Local Chapters can put on their own ICD-10 events using AAPC curriculum and trainers
  • Events are similar in format to General Code Set Boot Camps (2-days, 16 CEUs), but at a significantly lower price (see below)
  • AAPC will promote these events alongside other boot camps and online training options (helping to boost your registrations)
  • Events are exclusively for AAPC Local Chapters and AAPC members (and limited to 50 attendees per event – contact us for larger audiences)

Pricing Structure:

  • $4,000 for each event + $100 per member attending (covers trainer, travel expenses, curriculum, manuals, and ICD-10-CM code books)
  • Local Chapters will be responsible for the facility, setting their own pricing, and taking registrations for the event
# Attendees Total Event Cost Cost Per Attendee
10 $5,000 $500
20 $6,000 $300
30 $7,000 $233
40 $8,000 $200
50 $9,000 $180

To Set Up an Event:

  1. Contact AAPC’s Local Chapter Department (800-626-2633, option 8)
  2. Leave a $1,000 non-refundable deposit (will be used to set up travel, trainer, and materials for event)

We’re excited to offer an affordable means for Local Chapters to provide AAPC’s 2-Day ICD-10 General Code Set Training (16 CEUs), to ensure that members are prepared for ICD-10 and AAPC’s Proficiency Assessment.

Please contact our Local Chapter Department with any questions (800-626-2633, option 8).

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