Last Few Days of May MAYnia

We’re hearing great reports about May MAYnia and look forward to hearing from more of you. Please send us your pictures and any great ideas you’d like to share.
If you’re interested in participating in the contest for most AAPC members at your chapter meeting:

  • Remember that the sign-in sheets must be uploaded online by June 3rd via the treasurer or the president.
  • Upload the sign-in sheets by scanning them in and saving them to your documents.
  • Log in at, scroll over My AAPC, click on My Chapter then click on Financial Info. Find the Quarterly Report tab and select 2013 2nd quarter. Upload the sheets in the correct meeting space.
  • Sign-in sheets faxed or emailed will not be considered for the contest.

If you think you had the most guests (non-AAPC members) in attendance at your chapter seminar:

  • Email and tell us how many non-AAPC members there were at your seminar.
  • If you are in the running for the contest, we will contact you about submitting your sign-in sheets.

Winners will be notified individually and announced in June’s Officer News.

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