Health Callings: Career Trends for Medical Coders

A recent interview with AAPC’s Director of Exam Content Raemarie Jimenez, CPC, CPB, CPMA, CPPM, CPC-I, CANPC, CRHC, resulted in a Health Callings article outlining career trends for medical coders. The article addresses important, common questions asked by those interested in pursuing a career in medical coding:

  • What’s the biggest change you either already see or foresee with healthcare reform, specifically for medical coders?
  • What are the biggest changes in the workplace for members of your association?
  • What specialties or certifications do you see growing in the next five years?
  • For newcomers in coding, what’s your best advice?
  • And for mid-career professionals?

As part of her advice for newcomers to coding, Ms. Jimenez says, “It can be difficult to land your first coding job. Be willing to take any job to get your foot in the door. Any job that you take in healthcare will help you have a better understanding of the industry.”

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