Physicians: The Check is in the Mail

More than $13 million in settlement disbursements were mailed out to physicians who submitted valid claims in the Highmark and Capital Blue Cross lawsuits, reported the American Medical Association’s (AMA) eVoice.

Disbursement checks totaling roughly $10 million were mailed Nov. 3 to the 33,871 physicians who submitted valid claims in the Highmark case, and Capital settlement checks totaling about $3.5 million were disbursed Nov. 4 among 31,619 physicians who submitted valid claims, the AMA said.

Additional settlements involving Blue Cross Blue Shield companies, such as Love, et al. v. BSBS Assoc., et al, are still pending.

For more information about these cases, visit the AMA Web site or call the BCBS settlement hotline at 877-893-2643.

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