On-Site ICD-10 Code Set Training for Local Chapters

The number of local chapters participating with on-site code set training is steadily growing, but we’d love to see more taking advantage of this great opportunity. We’ve still got plenty of time before implementation, so consider planning training for the spring. This will allow for ample time to gain maximum attendance.

6 Responses to “On-Site ICD-10 Code Set Training for Local Chapters”

  1. Chrystal Haxton says:

    What dates are available to chapters in March or April 2014 to do the 2 day ICD-10 training for chapter members. We as a chapter are looking at a Friday and Saturday combination in Northern California. thank you. ch

  2. Jennifer McGann says:

    This is still too expensive for some of us in Connecticut.

    We are having an issue attempting to work with a vendor / consultant group.

    Vendor/Instructors: Yes
    Penitential Date-range: Yes

    Interest Level: Yes

    Funds: Not enough to go around and everyone is reducing their expenses

    **Everybody is worried about their job (those that have one) and the economy in general due to state budget issues.

  3. Liz Lundin says:

    I am very interested to find out ICD 10 training in March/April timeframe for local chapters. Could there be a reduced rate for chapters? Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday might be possibilities. This would be in the Dallas Ft. Worth area. Thank you.

  4. Claresia Ross says:

    Charlotte NC is having a 3 part PCS training
    January 18, 2014 Basic PCS
    February 15, 2014 Intermediate PCS
    March 15, 2014 Advanced PCS

    $65.00 per course

    Taught by a certifed ICD-10 Trainer

  5. Jacqueline Baer says:

    Hi: I am interested in bringing the ICD-10 training to our chapter in Flagstaff, AZ. Could you please provide me with cost of the class and schedule. Thank you,

  6. Vicki Smith says:

    The Hendersonville, NC local chapter has a good interest in ICD-10 training. We are seeking affordable opportunities. Right now Charlotte is a close option, but due to late notice, people unable to travel, timing and immediate cost, our chapter is unable to attend the event(s). So we are looking for someone who can provide training at a reasonable price locally. We are flexible to do something like what Charlotte is offering (1 Saturday/mo.) or (1 weekend). We just need information, date, times, cost, etc. to make it happen and raise money to help our chapter meet this goal. Please if you have information or could help us to achieve this please let me know? Thank you so much.

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