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Escape Computer Errors for Accurate Claims Payment

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  • November 2, 2009
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Electronic data interchange (EDI) for claims submission is a great thing, but infallible? No. EDI relies on computers, and we all know how reliable computers can be. Let’s just say, the job of a medical biller isn’t done after she clicks the Submit button. To ensure claims are processed correctly and in a timely fashion you need to pay attention to your explanation of benefits (EOB) and communicate with your Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC), but that’s not all.

Specifically, there are seven ways to uncover and resolve computer glitch-related problems with claims submission, according to health care newsletter Part B Insider.

Learn how to prevent computer glitches so your practice isn’t plagued with improper denials and other costly claim delays. Read “Medical Office Billing: 7 Ways to Escape Computer Claim Casualties,” courtesy of Coding News.

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