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CEUs with You in Mind

AAPC offers continuing education units (CEUs) to fit your schedule and financial needs.

By Darrelyn Rodman, CPC-A
The AAPC is growing at a phenomenal rate, and continues to provide the best coding products available on the market today. To accomplish this, we strive every day to:
 Provide members with the quality education they need and deserve;
 Give members their money’s worth when attending, completing, or listening to educational material; and
 Ensure our program and publication content is correct, educational, and professional.
By holding ourselves to such high standards, we ensure our certified coders are the cream of the crop, and our credentials mean professionalism, value, and knowledge.
Occasionally, it’s necessary to revise the criteria for awarding CEUs. These revisions are necessary to provide quality curriculum with educational merit and a “great learning experience.” Products approved for CEUs are in compliance with the new, stricter guidelines.

Attend a Recorded Event

The AAPC requires a final test to verify attendance to a recorded product. CEUs are activated by taking the test. The student receives a combined CEU value for the recording and successful completion of the test. If a vendor chooses to include rationale with the final test, supplemental CEUs may be earned. The CEUs may total up to twice the time for the event itself. That is exciting!

Take a Specialty Practicum

Are you currently working for a specialty or anticipating a career move toward one? There is no better time than now to earn a specialty credential. A specialty credential adds value to your skill set and pizzazz to your résumé. Online specialty practicums are highly recommended to prepare for the exam, and allow you to earn up to six CEUs toward your core credential.

Write an Article

Our membership relies on contributors to the Coding Edge to be the most knowledgeable coders in their profession. CEUs are awarde

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