AAPC Releases Results of 20,000-Record ICD-10 Study

Data reveals doctors are ill prepared for implementation

Table 1
Percent of Documentation Sufficient to
Transition To ICD-10
Gastroenterology 48%
Pediatrics 53%
Pulmonary 56%
Urgent Care 56%
Internal Medicine 58%
Psychiatry 61%
Primary Care 63%
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Over the last 6 months, AAPC Client Services (cs.aapc.com) has worked with a number of organizations to evaluate their physicians’ readiness for transitioning to ICD-10. The assessment included conducting more than 20,000 audits of physicians’ clinical documentation practices to determine how well their documentation will support ICD-10 specificity requirements.
According to AAPC’s findings, only 63% of providers’ current documentation is sufficient to support the more rigorous ICD-10 requirements. Table 1 highlights findings associated with documentation deficiencies by medical specialty.
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Traditional chart audits focus on correct CPT and diagnosis coding for medical necessity. In addition to evaluating these areas, AAPC’s new hybrid audit also focuses on diagnosis identification by evaluating the clinician’s documentation practices to determine how well it will support the necessary ICD-10 specificity requirements.
By conducting a concurrent review, organizations are able to be more efficient and cost effective in their ICD-10 implementation efforts.
AAPC Client Services’ hybrid audit is based on feedback from hundreds of coders and physicians that participated in the 6-month assessment. The audit is designed to avoid information overload by conveying results that the provider can easily understand and gives them actionable information they can incorporate into their coding and documentation habits.
Organizations participating in the assessment indicated several benefits of the hybrid audit including:

  • Builds physician awareness related to ICD-10
  • Helps organizations target high risk areas through early identification of deficiencies
  • Creates support and physician buy-in for further education and training needs

Contact AAPC Client Services for more information or to find out how you could benefit from an ICD-10 readiness chart review.

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