ICD-10 Monitor: Working with Physicians on Documentation for ICD-10

Does the implementation of new codes drive documentation improvement, or is ICD-10 simply highlighting existing documentation concerns? AAPC’s VP of ICD-10 Education and Training, Rhonda Buckholtz, CPC, CPMA, CPC-I, CGSC, COBGC, CPEDC, CENTC, recently answered this question in an article published by ICD-10 Monitor. Ms. Buckholtz also referenced  the results of a study of 20,000 medical charts, demonstrating the percentage of documentation already sufficient to transition to ICD-10, broken down by specialty fields. She also discussed 5 areas of common documentation concepts that will require extra attention during the shift to ICD-10.

  • Laterality
  • Type
  • Cause
  • Manifestations or complications
  • Anatomical location

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