Health Callings: Work-from-Home Career Choices

According to a recent article authored by Health Callings, if you’re looking to blend your healthcare background with business expertise, there are a quite a few options open to you–most of which give you the flexibility of working from home. One of AAPC’s licensed instructors, Chatrione Harris-Offer, CPC, CPC-I, is featured in the article as someone who worked her way into a career she manages from her home. After 12 years of working as a medical coder, she decided to shift her focus to teaching and became a licensed AAPC instructor. Today she is a proud owner of her own company, Coding and Training Clinicians LLC, which offers her the ability to teach students nationwide via the Internet.

“You can live in a totally different state and become a coder,” she says, “There are a lot of opportunities to be a self-employed coder.”

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