The Washington Post: When squirrels attack! There's a medical code for that.

The transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10, shifting from 14,000 codes to nearly 70,000, will require adequate training to be familiar with the more granular and detailed terms. The Washington Post recently published an article on this progression, after sending a reporter to AAPC’s ICD-10 Conference in San Francisco. Featuring quotes from AAPC members Luisa Realubin, CPC, and Angela Boynton, CPC, CPC-H, CPCO, CPC-P, CPC-I, the article explains the background of ICD-9, the reasons for ICD-10 implementation, and concerns that have been raised about the transition.
Two things are certain: ICD-10 is rapidly approaching, and the effects of its implementation will be best managed by those who started preparing early. Read the full article or find out which ICD-10 training is best for you.


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