FEB – Offering Exam Dates

Scheduling Exam Dates
As of the end of February, 218 chapters had scheduled at least four exams throughout 2014. However, 71 chapters had scheduled no exams this year. The Local Chapter Handbook states that in order to stay in good standing with AAPC, every chapter must schedule and proctor at least four examinations per year. Exams should be scheduled quarterly and must be scheduled at least eight weeks in advance in order to allow examinees plenty of time to register and for processing and shipping of exams. It is most helpful when officers schedule all four exam dates as early in the year as possible. Although it is too late for many chapters to schedule an exam in the 1st quarter of this year, it is not too late to schedule four exams during the rest of the year. Chapters that have all exams scheduled before the end of March will be rewarded.

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