Open Letter from CEO: ICD-10 Delay

Jason VandenAkkerLATEST NEWS: CMS Hints at ICD-10 Implementation Date
Thank you for your commitment to your profession and all you do to help AAPC advance the business of healthcare. I write to you as a follow up to the email we sent Monday night regarding Senate passage of HR 4302 and the delay in ICD-10. President Obama signed the bill into law Tuesday morning, officially shifting the deadline for ICD-10 compliance from October 1, 2014 to no earlier than October 1, 2015.
AAPC remains dedicated to helping the industry prepare for ICD-10 implementation. Here are just a few things we are doing to help you to stay involved and be prepared for implementation:

  1. AAPC will be working with our National and Chapter Association advisory boards to help ensure members’ voices are heard and their needs are met as we work towards a new implementation deadline.
  2. AAPC will update all of its ICD-10 training courses and resources to reflect the delay and what organizations should be doing with the additional time to prepare.
  3. Members and customers who have purchased and received ICD-10 General Code Set training prior to October 1, 2014 will receive:
    1. Extended access to the online component of the training through September 30, 2015
    2. Free refresher webinars beginning on November 1, 2014 and continuing through the ICD-10 implementation date
  4. AAPC actively monitors both legislative and regulatory activity and will continue to keep you updated with news updates, e-newsletters, announcements, etc.

We remain focused on serving and enabling you to adapt to the ever-changing healthcare environment. AAPC hosted a 1-hour townhall webinar for members and customers to answer additional questions and provide more insights into what the delay in implementation means to your organization’s preparation efforts. Because of technology constraints, registration is limited to the first 1,000 participants. However, a recording of the event and answers to common questions will be posted within 24 hours of the live broadcast.
Thanks again for your commitment and involvement.
Jason J. VandenAkker


  • View the 1-hour townhall webinar HERE
  • Access the FAQ regarding the delay

No Responses to “Open Letter from CEO: ICD-10 Delay”

  1. Deborah Harris says:

    Thank you for extending access to the online component of ICD-10 training and free refresher webiners for those of us who already paid for and took the AAPC online ICD-10 class and passed the proficiency!! I am proud to be a AAPC member! I work at a hospital where every coder has to go thru the online classes A&P for ICD-10, ICD-10-CM and some of us have to do the ICD-10-PCS also. Our hospital has told us to keep pushing and meet the goals that were set for us just like if it was still going to happen in 2014. Manager said that once all of our coders have passed the ICD-10 classes – we will then be double coding for our jobs so that we will actually be doing both ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding – now for at least until OCT 2015. I am disappointed that it is being delayed as I am so ready to tackle it !!!!

  2. Vikki says:

    Yes, thank you. I also appreciate the extension. As well as, the AAPC working with us to continue to provide the access to keep these new skills fresh. We have the same goals – be prepared and have the test passed by 08/2014 (yes, August) and start working with the codes now – yes, double coding but we will be more than ready whenever they decide to get their act together and realize that passing it would be a benefit to healthcare and the community.
    I am in shock at how easily this was slipped in a bill and how quickly it passed and it was signed as a law. I have a feeling that if it was read they certainly didn’t understand how the ICD10-CM delay would affect the healthcare industry; if they understood what ICD10-CM was at all. The two items shouldn’t have even been place in the same bill.
    After years of talk, I want it to be over with and start using it. However, if the delays continue it might be put it off until I retire! I think my retirement might come before they get the ICD10-CM into the practices.

  3. Dawn Breithaupt says:

    It might have made more sense to have implemented a “dual submission” time frame. The absolute deadline being 10/2015 but allowing submission for ICD10 OR ICD9 until 10/2015. It would have given a 1 year “trial period” for those who needed it, and if it turned out not ready they could flip back to ICD9 and have an entire year to improve. The payers already have edits in place for both sets of codes so why not give one year where either could be used? Maybe I’m missing something but it seems possible.

  4. rob perez says:

    I’m glad ICD-10 has been delayed because I work in a hospital that is not as well off financially as say Mt Sinai and others, so when this change does happen in the future, it is not going to be easy for us or other hospitals like ours to pull thru. So this delay is a blessing. However, now I’ll take advantage of the extra time and take the anatomy and physiology course before I take on the boot camp sometime next year.

  5. rob perez says:

    I’m glad there is another delay in ICD-10 because less financially stable hospitals like mine will not fair so well once this is implemented. So this is a blessing. However, I’ll take advantage of the extra time and take the anatomy and physiology course first before taking the boot camp sometime next year

  6. Susan Moore says:

    It may be for the best considering the debacle of the rollout. Am already enrolled in an ICD-10 prep course. This just gives me time to do another one.

  7. Wanda Humphries says:

    No disrepect to any one or any institution but we have had years of knowing that ICD-10-CM was to come. So that means there has been years to plan, coordinate and get finances straight to get prepared. ICD-10-CM keeps getting delayed it seems to be because people are putting getting prepared off because it keeps getting delayed. There needs to be a stopping point of delays due to unpreparedness.

  8. sandy greene says:

    so since icd 10 has been delayed what is the deadline for taking the profiency to keep our cpc?

  9. Marilyn Masick says:

    I am very disappointed about this delay regarding the expense already that has been incurred in order to prepare. So much time, so much training expense, hardware and software. So sad for those who were going to be ready and received this slap in the face for doing the right thing. I am very disappointed in the Senate and House for not researching the impact of this further. Since they did receive a lot of negative comments and suggestions to pull this delay out of the SGR bill, it appears to me that they don’t really care and cater to those you yell the loudest, and probably from whom they receive the largest donations. Why else would this irresponsible action have been taken?

  10. Linda Griffith says:

    I am hearing rumors that the language in the bill was purposefully ambiguous with the statement that it will be delayed until “AT LEAST” October 2015. It ls leading some of my colleges to wonder if the real intent is to actually bypass ICD 10 all together and simply require ICD 11 in 2017 as is already apparently in the coming requirements.
    Has anyone else heard of this possibility?
    Thank you

  11. Ganesh Ramamurthy says:

    This time frame was waste.
    Almost most of them get ICD 10 cm certification and get ready for change.

  12. ram says:

    What ever it may be the delay was done, so it’s time for us to move onto our anatomy and physiology knowledge to invite the icd10 in the upcoming year. We all have enough time to boost our knowledge and provide the damn accuracy in coding and what ever we do..
    Who knows it may delay again

  13. BC Advantage says:

    BC Advantage Magazine recently published a survey on ICD-10. With 2,536 responses, they found amazing and inspiring results. This delay really brought out passion (from both sides) and highlighted many factors that they had not initially thought about.
    Grab your own copy of BC Advantage Magazine ( for the full results.

  14. vijay kumar says:

    Waiting to start ICD-10 as soon as possible.