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7th Annual May MAYnia Coming up Soon — Spring to Your Local Chapter!
Plan to be part of the nationwide emphasis on educational and networking benefits during the month of May by inviting medical professionals in your area to May MAYnia! We hope your meeting plans are well underway by now, but if they’re not, it’s not too late to begin planning. Read on to find out about planning, contest rules, freebies and the great door prizes we are giving away to all chapters!
Plan and publicize your meeting
If your meeting isn’t scheduled, pick a date right away. Remember:

  • There are tips online for officers to help plan and market your May meeting.
  • AAPC has resources available for your chapter meeting ideas if you’re still in need.
  • Encourage your members to invite fellow employees and anyone with an interest in health care. Use this flyer to get the word out.
  • Your May meeting must be scheduled before April 30th in order to get the free door prizes and giveaways.

Participate in the contest
We’re having a contest so we can honor the chapters that have the highest attendance.

  • Because we have small and large chapters, we’re leveling the playing field by comparing chapters against themselves.
    • The number of May attendees will be compared to the average number of attendees during the first part of 2014.
  • For chapters holding meetings, the nine chapters with the highest average attendance of AAPC members will win.
  • For chapters holding seminars, the chapter with the most guests (non-AAPC members) will win.
  • Officers must submit proof of the number of attendees.
    • Meeting sign-in sheets must be uploaded on AAPC’s website by June 2nd in order to be eligible for the contest.
    • Note: reimbursements will not be given for seminars but sign-in sheets must be submitted to participate.
  • The chapter with the most guests (non-AAPC members) at a meeting will win the grand prize!
  • Winners will be determined in June and prizes will be mailed to the winning chapters afterwards.

 AAPC has May MAYnia door prizes and freebies to give to chapters
AAPC will provide freebies and door prizes at no cost to all chapters whose events are scheduled no later than April 30th.

  • Door prizes and freebies will be sent beginning April 17th to chapters with events scheduled by that date. All freebies will be sent by April 30th. Schedule your event early to ensure your package arrives on time; first come, first served.
  • Door prizes and freebies will be sent to the chapter president.
    • Presidents must go to AAPC’s website and check the mailing address on file with AAPC. Sorry, freebies sent to the wrong address cannot be re-sent.
  • Door prizes and freebies will be shipped together.
  • For additional giveaways you can purchase, check out the products online. Some are only available only through local chapters.

All about the door prizes
Just look at what we’re sending:

  • One set of 2014 Procedural Coding Expert, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS Level II code books – $300 value
  • One 12-month license to AAPC Coder – $350 value
  • One A&P training bundle for ICD-10-CM (14 modules, 14 CEUs) – $150 value
  • One online ICD-10 General Code Set training program (including At-Your-Own-Pace Assessment) – $395
  • One Documentation Training for Physicians program (3-hours course, choose from 21 specialties, no CMEs) – $295

Again, each president must ensure the mailing address on file with AAPC is correct. These door prizes will be sent with the freebies.

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