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“Keep Calm and Code On!”
With the recent change in the implementation deadline of ICD-10, members are asking officers for direction on training and bootcamps. If your chapter currently has a bootcamp scheduled, you may either plan on moving forward with the existing date or you may choose to move to another date, whichever best meets the needs of the members in your area. As an officer, you can help alleviate concerns from members by informing them that AAPC is committed to moving the industry forward and has come up with a plan to help members maintain their knowledge of ICD-10. Beginning November 1st, AAPC will begin offering free monthly refresher webinars to all members who have attended a chapter bootcamp (or any AAPC-sponsored bootcamp) before October 1st. In this way, members will stay informed as we all wait to hear the final word about ICD-10. Just one more reason to “Keep Calm and Code On”!
Changes in the Local Chapter Team
After 13 years of fantastic service at AAPC Emilie Nelson is expanding her horizons and moving on. Emilie was known for providing excellent customer service and will be greatly missed by all the current and former officers, long-time AAPC members, the AAPCCA Board of Directors and AAPC’s staff. But she’ll be missed most of all by her co-workers on the local chapter team. Good luck to you, Emilie!

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