We will be sharing a number of strategies to help your practice successfully implement ICD-10-CM. Please remember to track your progress in your ICD-10 Implementation Tracker on AAPC’s website.

Systems Assessments

In preparation for ICD-10 implementation, an in-depth systems review will need to be performed. This should list the impact that ICD-10 will have to all systems and determine compatibility if upgrades will be necessary. The evaluation should include all systems, coding applications, and software to ensure compatibility with ICD-10. If your EHR is not integrated with your practice management software, it may need a separate upgrade. Also keep in mind that your systems will need to support both ICD-9 and ICD-10 code sets for a period of time. Careful evaluation of your needs will ensure that your systems will continue to run once the addition of almost 70,000 additional codes and descriptors is added into it.


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