Bloggers Unite for World AIDS Day

On Dec. 1, bloggers from around the world went online to write about and promote awareness of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)/aquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). The day marked the 20th annual World AIDS Day.
Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Office of HIV/AIDS Policy’s and the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) invited bloggers to join them in their mission to prevent and stop the spread of HIV/AIDS during “Bloggers Unite on World AIDS Day,” hosted by Blog Catalog.
This year’s theme was leadership—from all sectors including government, but also individuals, families, communities, non-profits, and other organizations. The focus was to reduce HIV/AIDS-related stigma and promote HIV testing through blogs, virtual worlds, and social networks.
In 2007, an estimated 33 million people were living with HIV worldwide—about 1 million of them Americans.
National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is Feb. 7, 2009. Information regarding this upcoming event is available on the HHS Web site.

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