APR/MAY – Meetings/Exams

There is a difference between a meeting and a seminar
In order to keep a chapter in good standing, chapter officers are required to schedule a minimum of six meetings per year. These meetings should be low cost or no cost and should be approved in advance for CEUs. AAPC pays $1 per AAPC member that attends the meeting and attendance sheets are required to be uploaded. Chapter officers may also host seminars. Seminars last four hours or longer and officers may charge for attendance. Because seminars are not required to be sponsored, and because officers may use the event as a fundraiser, AAPC does not pay for attendance at chapter seminars. Therefore, attendance sheets are not required.
Changes to exam dates
Once submitted and approved, exam dates cannot be cancelled or changed. Because examinees plan well in advance and often make travel and hotel arrangements, and because many have certification deadline requirements, exams must be held even when last minute issues arise. For this reason, we encourage you to take caution when scheduling exam dates. In the past some officers have inadvertently scheduled on an incorrect day, only to find examinees are registered and the date cannot be altered. Be sure to check with all proctors in advance and ensure the room will be available.

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