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APR/MAY – Financial Info

First quarter reimbursements
Online deposits for meetings and exams held the first quarter of 2014 were made on May 28th. We apologize for the delay; typically the reimbursement comes on the 15th. Please refer to your bank statement to confirm the deposit was actually made into your account. Remember that the information on the website under the Issued Checks tab contains details about the amount of the deposit and what it covered. The information is provided for reference for all officers and may or may not appear online at the same time the deposit is made. Again, the best way to know if the deposit was made is to contact your bank or refer to your monthly statement.
Second quarter reimbursements
Each month as your meetings are held, we encourage you to upload the attendance sheets within ten days of your meeting. Occasionally officers encounter a bug in the system while uploading the attendance sheets. If you have a meeting during the second quarter and it does not display in the Quarterly Report area online, please notify AAPC immediately. We can make a quick fix so you can get the sheets uploaded in a timely manner. As always, treasurers or presidents must upload the information; it cannot be accepted by email or fax.

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