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ICD-9-CM Place of Occurrence Coding

Injury and poisoning locations are key components of many insurance claims, and especially for workers’ compensation. In ICD-9-CM, use the following codes with the appropriate fourth digit subcategories to identify where accidents occurred:

  • E849.0 – Home
  • E849.1 – Farm
  • E849.2 – Mine and quarry
  • E849.3 – Industrial place and premises
  • E849.4 – Place for recreation and sport
  • E849.5 – Street and highway
  • E849.6 – Public building
  • E849.7 – Residential institution
  • E849.8 – Other specified places
  • E849.9 – Unspecified place (Do not report E849.9 if the place of occurrence is not stated)

Note that place of occurrence codes describe the place where the event occurred, not the patient’s activity at the time of the event.

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  1. Charlotte Lottie says:

    ISO an ICD 9 course. My training is all on ICD 10 and I find that I will need ICD 9 in order to work in this field since ICD 10 is delayed for another year. Can anyone tell me where I can find the course for ICD 9? I have checked with colleges accredited with AHIMA and none of them are offering it anymore.

  2. denise says:

    If the place of the place of occurence is not stated and I can not use E849.9 , what is the use for this code?