Billing for Ambulance Services in 2014

When billing for ambulance services, please note that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently made a couple of policy changes.

  1. Signature Requirements

Effective August 12, 2014, a representative signing for ambulance services on behalf of a Medicare beneficiary does not need to include his or her address on the Form-1500.

See Transmittal 2984, Change Request 8760 for claims processing instructions.

  1. Filing Timeframe

Also effective August 12, 2014, the timeframe for filing a Medicare claim for ambulance transport services is 12 months. Pub. 100-02 Medicare Benefit Policy incorrectly stated the timeframe as 15-27 months, per Transmittal 190, Change Request 8760.

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    Most of these ambulance services mainly provide transport to the hospital in a vehicle that has a siren stretcher and arrangement