ICD-10 Monitor: Talk Ten Tuesday

Today Rhonda Buckholtz, Vice President of ICD training and education at AAPC, was asked to give her thoughts on the recent NCVHS hearing. To provide context on the current efforts professionals have made, Rhonda shared the results of a recent AAPC member survey. Prior to the ICD-10 delay, members indicated the following:

  • 25% completed the ICD-10 training
  • 13% said ready to go live
  • 23% were actively testing with vendors
  • 30% were still in the beginning stages

Citing the same survey, Rhonda said 70% of members indicated they felt they were personally ready to test.
As far as costs go, Rhonda mentioned the industry seems to be spending about $1600 per provider to ramp up, which was lower than what she anticipated.
“We want to make sure that we get these positive messages out and show what did work so others can learn from it.” Said Rhonda. She continued, “…it might be easier than what we actually thought.”
Listen to the special 60-minute podcast and hear more of the survey results.

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