Physician Compare Website Aggregates More Data Under Proposed Rule

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  • July 18, 2014
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Medicare’s 2015 Physician Fee Schedule Proposed Rule, published in the July 11 Federal Register, outlines the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ plan to expand public reporting via the Physician Compare website in the coming years.
The first phase of Physician Compare website, launched December 30, 2010 included the names of eligible providers (EPs) who satisfactorily submitted quality data for the 2009 Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS). Currently, Physician Compare users can view information about approved Medicare professionals such as:

  • Name
  • primary and secondary specialties
  • practice locations
  • group affiliations
  • hospital affiliations that link to the hospital’s profile on Hospital Compare, as available
  • Medicare assignment status
  • Education
  • languages spoken
  • American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) board certification information

In addition, for group practices, users can also view:

  • group practice names
  • specialties
  • practice locations
  • Medicare assignment status
  • affiliated professionals

Under the proposed rule, group level measures would be expanded to make all 2015 PQRS group practice reporting option (GRPO) web interface, registry, and electronic health record (EHR) measures for group practices of two or more EPs and ACOs available for public reporting on the Physician Compare website in 2016. Additionally, CMS will begin posting data on 20 specific measures reported by individual physicians in 2015, with all 2015 PQRS individual measures collected via registry, EHR, or claims would be available for public reporting on Physician Compare in late 2016.
A summary of the proposed changes may be found in Table 20 of the proposed rule, as shown below.
Table 20—Summary of Proposed Data for Public Reporting

Data collection year Publication year Data type Reporting mechanism Proposed quality measures and data for public reporting
2013 2015 PQRS Registry, EHR, or Claims Twenty 2013 PQRS individual measures collected through a Registry, EHR, or claims mirroring the measures finalized for 2014.
2015 2016 Multiple Web Interface, EHR, Registry, Claims Include an indicator for satisfactory reporters under PQRS and PQRS GPRO, participants in EHR, and EPs who report the PQRS Cardiovascular Prevention measures group in support of Million Hearts.
2015 2016 PQRS GPRO & ACO GPRO Web Interface, EHR, & Registry All 2015 PQRS GPRO measures reported via the Web Interface, EHR, and Registry are available for public reporting for group practices of 2 or more EPs and all measures reported by ACOs with a minimum sample size of 20 patients.
2015 2016 CAHPS for PQRS & CAHPS for ACOs CMS-Specified Certified CAHPS Vendor 2015 CAHPS for PQRS for groups of 2 or more EPs and CAHPS for ACOs for those who meet the specified sample size requirements and collect data via a CMS-specified certified CAHPS vendor.
2015 2016 PQRS Registry, EHR, or Claims All 2015 PQRS measures for individual EPs collected through a Registry, EHR, or claims.
2015 2016 QCDR data QCDR All 2015 QCDR data available for public report on Physician Compare at the individual level or aggregated to a higher level of the QCDR’s choosing.
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